BooKids Pals

Handmade Amigurumi dolls for the brave kids going through chemo therapy, move around with the help of a wheelchair or have a prosthetic limb.

Our Mission

"Connecting Hearts through Compassion, Courage, and Friendship with kids facing a challenging time."

Our BooKids dolls are specially handmade for the brave little humans going through chemo therapy, or have to move around with the help of a wheelchair or have a prosthetic limb.

The dolls are made specifically without mouths because they speak from the Heart. Have wigs because they are going through chemo, and come with a Certificate to seal their Friendship. They come in washable handmade fabric bags so they can go anywhere and support their Little Heroes every step of the way!

There are two ways you can Connect Hearts

1. Make a purchase and we will ship as a gift to a Little Hero you know.


2. You can donate a doll on behalf of one of our Little Heroes and we will ship it to a kid that has contacted us for a Bookids pal.

Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts, at Bookids Love the connection starts with Compassion!

EveryBooKids Pal come with a Friendship Certificate and a pop-up heart. The child receiving a BooKids Pal will write the date on the certificate to mark the beginning of their Friendship.

Connecting Hearts

The pop-up Heart from the Friendship Certificate will be inside the BooKids Pal pocket Heart, where the child will write their name to seal their Friendship forever!

Through Compassion, Courage and Friendship

Handmade and...

...packed with love!

Help our Vision for a world where all Kids are kind and loving towards each other

A BooKids Pal is a great and fun way to teach and help a child become more open minded towards other kids who are sick or have disabilities, understanding that all kids are beautiful in their own special way!


Care Tips

Gently wash using mild soap

Rinse in running water

Do not soak

Do not twist, remove excess water with a towel by gently pressing your little friend with arms open wide

Do not let it dry under direct sun light and remove excess water from hands and feet

Do not hang to dry